Supporting October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer affects us all! Whether we are personally going through it or we have a family member or friend who is or has fought with it.

We support all cancer research and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning team want to do their part to raise awareness and arm you with basic knowledge of this disease so that you too can help raise awareness and help with research funding.

For both women and men Breast Cancer the best protection is prevention. Eating right, a healthy diet, exercise, not smoking, and limiting alcohol use are a great start in preventative measures. Getting a mammogram is unbelievably important especially if you have a family history of this disease. 

We are going to briefly touch on some basic facts of Breast Cancer. We will not be going into detail as we are not medical professionals. We will, however, provide links to nationally known sites where you can take a closer look at this disease. 

Did you know there are 5 stages of Breast Cancer?

Stage 0- Abnormal cells are present but have not spread to nearby tissue

Stage 1- Early Stage: Cancer has spread to other tissue in a small area

Stage 2- Localized: Tumor is between 20-50mm and some lymph nodes are involved across a wider region. Sometimes there isn't a tumor at all, but the cancer may have spread to skin or chest wall.

Stage 3- Regional Spread: Tumor is larger than 50mm, with more lymph nodes across a much wider region. Again, sometimes there isn't a tumor at all, but the cancer may have spread to the skin or chest wall.

Stage 4- Distant Spread: Cancer has spread beyong the breast to other parts of the body.

Some Breast Cancer Symptoms

nipple retraction

enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits

nipple discharge

lump or swelling by touch

breast differs in shape and size from the other

Some Forms of Breast Cancer Treatments


hormonal therapy

targeted therapy

radiation therapy


Links to Learn More About Breast Cancer and Other Types of Cancer

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation: 

American Cancer Society: 

Metastatic Breast Cancer Research and Awareness: 

Susan G. Komen: 

Adopt a Pet

Shelter Animals Need Love Too!

I mean, look at that face! The best decision ever made was visiting a local shelter!

There are young ones, middle-aged ones, and senior ones just waiting for you to give them love where someone has decided to discard them. 

Bless the people that take on senior pets. Seniors need love too. Make their last years filled with love.

Bless those that take on the sick or injured animals. Some have only known cruelty and neglect.

Bless those that take the young one. You're giving them a start in life filled with fun times and companionship.

Are we saying that everyone needs to adopt, No! There are so many ways to help show love to these animals, even if you can't bring them into your home to stay.

You can volunteer at your local shelter

You can become a foster family

You can donate to your local shelters

You can donate to the ASPCA

You can donate blankets, food, toys, and treats to your local shelters

You can sponsor an animal at your local shelters