Choose the right thermostat that works best for your system and is easy for you to maintain.

Choosing which kind of thermostat depends on what your needs are and we can help you with that. From traditional to the technologically savvy our goal at Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning is to make sure we pair you with the best thermostat that allows you to maintain the comfort of your home. 

We also offer the latest Nexia™ thermostats that feature a host of home automation features. Not only can you easily control the comfort of your home but you can automate your whole home. 

See a list on the Nexia™ site by clicking here. Choose what you like and we can give you a quote to purchase the product and we can conveniently come out and install it for you! If you need any help trying to figure out what is right for your home, our knowledgeable technicians can assist you. The best part about this is you don't have to add everything at one time. Purchase the thermostat, maybe a camera or two, then you can add locks one month, more cameras next year, etc. The choice is yours. Having a smart home cuts the cost over time you would typically spend with a security system provider. You'll know exactly what is going on with your home in real time!

You can also pair your thermostat with Amazon's Alexa or Google Home..."Hey Alexa, Turn down the temperature to 69 degrees," or "Hey Google, lock the front door!" 

Super Cool RIGHT?

Remote Diagnostics is becoming a very popular and an efficient way to access the problem(s) your system might be having. With remote diagnostics, Hospitality Heating and Air will be alerted and given a code to be able to see what is going on with your system. This allows us to bring the appropriate tools and parts to fix your system when we get there.  *Available on 19 SEER+ or Communicating Systems. 

We also offer a full line of Honeywell products that you will not find in stores. App-based, 7-day programmable, fully automated and the traditional. Honeywell offers Redlink Wireless Technology allowing you to access your thermostat away from home on your smartphone or a computer.  

Choose the right thermostat to maintain the best comfort level for your home!

Choose the right thermostat to maintain the best comfort level for your home!