Breast Cancer Awareness and Support

Their Stories

Support for Breast Cancer often begins with reading and sharing your experiences with those who need a shoulder to lean on. No one can truly know the pain physically and emotionally cancers put on you and your loved ones except those who have gone through it.

These stories are from our own brave customers and family members who are fighting or have fought this disease.

Breast Cancer and Cancers, in general, need research funding in order to find cures and treatments. 

Hospitality Heating and Air conditioning hope these stories lend a supporting hand on your journey with this disease.  

Barbara's Story

Meet Barbara

  Name: Barbara Lucas Neal

Diagnosed: August 2008...Stage 0 DCIS and HER2+ 

September 22, 2015…Stage IV MBC HER2+

 Where you are or have been treated:  Levine Cancer Institute and Rock Hill Radiology 2008 and 2015

168 Chemos 11/2015 to present.

 How has this affected you and/or your family:   

This has been a journey of many peaks and valleys. I have good and bad days. I have been receiving chemo for the past 4 years and will be on it for the rest of my life or until the chemo no longer works. The side effects are cumulative. The hardest part is being Stage 0, given the fact they had clear margins (A phrase some used to claim they got it all)and I had a 4% chance of reoccurrence. Fast forward 7 years and the last 18 months of that I had horrible pain in my back. I went to several doctors, got many x-rays. However, they were not x-raying my entire back. The day they found it the pain became so unbearable I could barely walk. The cancer had broken my spine in 2 places and then transported to CMC Main via ambulance.

This diagnosis is hard. Stage IV MBC means my conditional is “chronically terminal” a phrase we Stage 4ers have coined. Very few make it past the 5-year mark. Along my journey I have met survivors 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years living with this. Can you imagine living with this condition for that long. Currently I have 2 rods, 12 screws, and a mesh cage keeping my spine in place. I have cancer not only in my spine, but it is NOT IN MY CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM! I have cancer on my skull, spine, 3 ribs, and pelvis. It was in my left lung lymph node and that is GONE … it is in my sternum, but scans show that is healing!

Our biggest fear as a family is me not being here. 

My son deploys soon. It is hard not knowing if I will be here when he returns. He carries that close to his heart. I know God has a plan for his life and that is what gets me through.

My daughter channels her fears and heartbreak by keeping busy. She is always there for me letting me know how much I mean to her. Her biggest fear is of me not being there for her 2020 graduation. I pray I can be there for her.

My wonderful husband, Johnathan, is my rock 2nd only to Christ. He loves me when I am at my worst. BUT THAT MAN LOVES ME JUST AS I AM, UNCONDITIONALLY!  He has held my head when I am sick and does whatever he can to make our home run smoothly. I’m thankful for his friends who are there for him.

I thank my sister-in-law, Lisa and brother, Gene, for being there for me and letting me know I am loved. It is hard going through this without our mom and dad by my side but, I can feel them close by.

 What you want others to know who have just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer?


My 1st piece of advice each time a new warrior comes my way, “Take it 1 day, 1 test, 1 result, 1 Dr. appointment at a time. You can eat an entire elephant 1 bite at a time.” Don’t look at the road ahead and the what ifs. Live in this day and walk this journey 1 step at a time. I was given 24-36 months and right now I am 48 MONTHS AND COUNTING! Rest yourself in God’s grace and let Him carry you in this journey and all the wonderful family and friends.


Jules Story

Meet Jules

  Name: Jules Thompson Cagle

Type of Cancer:  Stage 2 Breast Cancer (Estrogen Receptor)

Year Diagnosed: 2015

Are you in Remission: ALL CLEAR!

Where you are or have been treated:  Levine's Cancer Institute - Charlotte, NC Dr Richard White Surgeon - Dr. Julie Fisher -Oncology & Rock Hill Radiology - Rock Hill Dr McCammom

How has this affected you and/or your family:  

NO lingering effects for me. I treated it like it was a cold. I told them to get in there, get it out and let's move forward. 

I have been one of the fortunate ones. It was caught early through a mammogram.  At the time of surgery, I still could NOT feel a lump. I took 24 radiation treatments but NO Chemo, thank GOD!  I still get a little tired

but I listen to my body and get the rest that I need. The 3 women in my immediate family, all of us, (Mom, sister & self) have had breast cancer BUT do not carry the BRCA gene. 

I am very vocal about my journey. Because of that, I have been able to reach out to others who have been diagnosed and help them know what to expect.  I have made myself available 24/7 to answer any questions and give tips about how to improve their journey.
It's so VERY important to get checked after you turn 40 or at 30 if it runs in your family.  I'm blessed beyond measure to be here and to be able to share my experience in true hope that it will help someone with theirs.

What you want others to know who have just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

That it is NOT a life sentence or life changer. The MOST important thing is to stay 

positive.  Every person I have shared this with has found that it is an easier journey when they remained positive! Listen to your BODY, when you feel tired, and you will, REST!

Jules Thompson Cagle- Hospitality Heating and Air Customer!
Jules Thompson Cagle- Hospitality Heating and Air Customer!