Duct Systems-Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning can Install or Repair your Ductwork or your Entire Duct System.

 First Things First, Did you know...

  • 25% of total energy loss is due to duct leakage.
  • Also, 2 out of 3 duct leaks are leaky enough to justify sealing or correct with a simple repair vs. replacing the entire duct system. 
  • We install antimicrobial duct flex to ensure that moisture does not build up in your ductwork.
  • Sometimes you don't need a new duct system if you need to replace an HVAC system. 
  • On all new HVAC system installations, a Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning quote includes any duct repairs or sealing of your current system. 
  • Our duct system installations come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on normal wear and tear. 


Antimicrobial Flex Duct

We're very excited to now offer antimicrobial ductwork! 

Where there is moisture there is the potential for mold. Your HVAC's ductwork distributes the air in your home and you could be distributing mold spores throughout your home.

Hospitality Heating and Air will always make sure to install only the best for our customers. We install antimicrobial duct flex that is specifically engineered to resist mold growth.

This is just another product like our humidifiers and dehumidifiers, UV PhotoMAX, GPS Systems, and our ACCUClean system, we have to ensure your indoor air quality is at the highest level for your comfort and HEALTH! 

If you would like to view more options, as mentioned above, or the indoor air quality products we offer, please Click Here! 


Custom Ductwork

Every system is different, don't you think you should choose a company who has the ability to customize the right duct system to transfer the air in your home?

HVAC systems cost a bit of money, but it's like your throwing your money away if the air isn't transferring correcting throughout your home. At Hospitality Heating and Air Conditioning, we evaluate each system and then carefully customize your airflow design for maximum air distribution. 

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Attic Tent

The Attic Tent

 Reduce air transfer in and out of your home. with an Attic Tent!  You could possibly be losing about 71% of the air in your home through your attic. Nearly half of the energy used in your home is wasted because of heating and cooling inefficiencies. This includes:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Especially your Attic opening.

We are pleased to be able to offer the Attic Tent assisting your heating and cooling system by maintaining the comfort of your home. Easy to use, the Attic Tent also stops the humidity from entering your home through the attic opening. Now, who doesn't want to save money and cut down on the humidity entering your home?

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